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Midnight's Kiss: October Indulgence (An Indulgences Resort Novella #11)

Welcome to Indulgences Resort, a reader's fantasy paradise!

Thirteen standalone fantasies by thirteen amazing authors, all set on magical Aragon Island. Midnight's Kiss is the 11th fantasy in this sexy collection, all available in Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Escape to Aragon Island and indulge in a Midnight's Kiss today!

Rich in exotic mystery, Aragon Island is a paradise like none other, and Italian billionaire developer, Dario Dicola, wants a piece of it. After countless refusals, the island’s reclusive owner finally offers him a deal: spend one week on the island, and if his fantasy isn’t fulfilled, he will agree to consider his proposal. Eagerly he accepts the challenge, knowing he’s already won. His secret ace-in-the-hole: he doesn’t have a fantasy his money hasn’t already bought him. Little does he know the island has a few secrets of its own. When the island calls, whispering its magic, he finds himself enthralled by a fantasy too tempting to refuse. Will he allow his fantasy to bloom into something more, or will Dario choose money over love? 

Resort manager, Catalina Cortez, doesn’t have room in her life for fantasies. No amount of glitz or glitter can change the fact that she’s a single mother, up to her neck in her papa’s medical debts, and the sole provider for her family. The last thing she needs is a distracting Italian playboy making promises he’d never keep. But the island knows the fantasies she keeps hidden deep inside her heart, and like the fairytales of her youth, one midnight kiss changes everything.

Check into Indulgences Resort here, for a list of all the fantasies Aragon Island has to offer! 

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