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One Defining Second - Survivors' Justice Series - Book 2

(Dax & Rebecca)


One defining second can change a person’s life forever.


For Dax Keller, that second came with a promise he can’t possibly keep; to protect his best friend’s sister at all cost. There’s only one problem. Balancing the weight of his promise with his crushing attraction to the feisty redhead has proven to be impossible. He’s made so many mistakes, told so many lies, she curses the ground he walks on when he needs her to trust him the most.


The star witness in a federal human trafficking case, someone wants Rebecca Danes silenced, permanently. And now, the one man who’s cost her nearly everything, wants to protect her? The only person she and her misguided libido need protection from is him! She has a case to solve, a child to rescue from the clutches of a ruthless human trafficking ring, and nothing or no one—not even the demi-god of testosterone, Dax Keller—is going to stop her.


When Dax joins Rebecca on an international race to save a young boy from a brutal fate, he discovers the true impossibility of his task. Moving hell and earth to keep her out of an assassin’s crosshairs will be the easy part. Earning Rebecca’s forgiveness, and ultimately her heart, may kill them both.

Editorial Reviews

"Emotional and gripping story...I really wish I could give this so much more than 5 stars, I freakin loved it!!! "  ~ Make My Day Book Club

"fantastic story that will keep you on the edge of your seat" ~ Read by Rose

"Every new book she writes she just gets better and better!" ~ Amazon Customer

"Blew my mind! Breathing is impossible until you've turned the last page..." ~ Debb's Reads

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